Order History Tutorial

You can view your complete online order history  through our order history feature with ability to re-order and print orders.

In order to take advantage of this functionality, you'll need to be signed into your account.

Search/Filter Function

  1. The order history search bar allows customers to filter and search by PO Number, Order #, SKU #, From and To dates of a order. 
  2. Users can search/filter by one or multiple options at any time. 

Order History List View

  1. All customers online orders will show within each customers order history.
  2. Users are able to view a certain number of orders as any given time. 
  3. Customers can click on "View Order" and will be shown full order details. 

Re-Order / Printing Orders

  1. Customers have the ability to re-order a specific order with 1 click ordering. 
  2. Users are also to view and print individual orders as needed from their customer acccount.