Project Lists Tutorial

With Project Lists, you can save groups of product SKU's per job and order and re-order all at once. Try creating projects of SKU's for specific jobs, or make lists of frequently purchased items. 

In order to take advantage of this functionality, you'll need to be signed into your account.

Manually Add to Project

  • Quickly add products manually from pages where products are displayed. Click the "Projects Button" and select the project to add the SKU too.  

Search Function

    • Click on the Project Lists link on the left side navigation within your customer account.
    • Select the project you want to add a SKU within by selected that project from the dropdown.
    • Enter the search box, and type in your item name, sku number or description. A list of items will populate based on your entry.
    • Select an item, and press the "Add" button to add that SKU to the list.
    • Enter additional items to your Project List by searching in the search box until you’ve completed your project inventory or come back any time to update it.
    • Adjust quantities using the "up" and "down" arrows or remove items by clicking the "X" button.
    • When ready to order the project - select one or all SKU's in list and select "Add Selected To Cart" in the dropdown and hit "Apply". All selected items will now be in your shopping cart and continue the checking process.

    Import Function

      • Click on the Download Sample CSV link in the lower left side of the screen.
      • Locate the csv file in the location you download it. The file name will be import-projects.csv.
      • Once the csv is open,  you will see two columns. First is for SKU and second is for quantity. Fill in respective SKUs and quantities.
      • Once all SKU's and quantities are entered correctly, please save file as same csv format. 
      • Once ready to import , select the choose file button and select the import-projects.csv file.
      • Click the "Import CSV" button and this will import all SKUs into the quick order screen.
      • Depending on how large the file that is being imported; you will receive notice once the SKU's have been imported into the specific project.