Warranty Lookup Tutorial

With the Warranty Lookup tool, customers are also to search for, review and print out warranty certficates on related purchased products. You can access this area by clicking on Warranty Tools.

Warranty Lookup

The warranty search bar allows customers to manually enter a valid product serial # and look up the warranty information for that specific product.

NOTE: This lookup only works with product serial #'s, not model sku numbers.If you have questions on where to locate the serial number, please contact your account manager,

Once a product serial number is entered into the search area, click on the "Lookup Warranty" button to see results. 

Warranty Search with Results

If a valid warranty is found for the specified product serial #, then you will see the below results. You will see all warranty unit details as well as the warranty coverage.

Warranty Search without Results

There could be several reasons why no valid warranty have come back for a specific product serial #.<.p>

They include but not limited to:

< The serial # of the product does not have a valid warranty.

< The serial # of the product is incorrect.

< The remote server that we connect with to pull this warranty information is currently down. If you are sure that the serial # is correct, please try your search again in a hour.

Printing Warranty Certificate

If results show the warranty unit details, then you will see a "Print Warranty Certificate" button. Once the button is pressed, another browser tab will open up with the warranty certificate in PDF format. You can either save file to desktop or print.